Micronesia is an association of five small island States in the Western Pacific, north and east of Australia. There is an honorary sixth position currently left open for Occupied Palau, the only United States territory on Earth currently conquered and held by a foreign nation. Many believe it was Palau’s capture by China during the Second Great Depression that galvanized America to move to Australia’s defense. Liberating the territory was a primary goal of the American deployment, but the Chinese were too dug in to drive them from the area. Liberation of Palau has remained one of America’s primary requirements of every peace summit since, though China is loath to give up any land it has ever conquered fair and square. Or by hook or by crook. Or through the simple expedient of killing its army and leaders and appointing new and pliable leadership. Palau is governed through the latter expedient, and it has become an excellent avenue for new and promising Chinese leaders to test their abilities. Failure at governing Palau generally coincides with a regrettably terminal health condition, but those who succeed there usually attain the highest ranks in the Chinese hierarchy in the years to come.