The development of fabricators fundamentally transformed the Socialist Republic of Juneau. They had long relied on hard labor to grow the food they needed and mine the resources they required, but fabricators made generating life’s necessities far cheaper and safer. Fabricators were also far more reliable than sometimes sick or unhappy laborers, so the leadership of Juneau quickly arranged to obtain as many fabricators as they could from their friendly cousins in Pacifica. They also imported an increasing number of robotic laborers from those same friends, and those twin developments reinvented the very basic structure of life in Juneau. The entire Life Debt system was predicated on the need for some people to plow the fields and work the mines so the best of the people could live in comparative luxury. With robots and machines to replace them, Juneau no longer needed them. So Juneau made a great production of retiring the entire Life Debt system and replacing it with a far more equitable Social Credit system.