The reasons for the final collapse of the American federal government were many. China’s formal announcement that they would collect the foreign debt America owed them. America renouncing the debt in its entirety, after adjusting the cost of dealing with various Chinese pandemics against those loans. The swift fall of the American dollar. The refusal of others to loan more money to the federal government. The wildly erratic orders from the civilian government as the economic crisis spread out of their control. The temporary Impeachment of the President. The dismissal of entire military chains of command in political witch hunts. Packing the Supreme Court. The violations of civil liberties. Entire textbooks have been painstakingly written detailing the Constitutional violations performed by the federal government in those days. The old federal government fell for a reason. But in the end, it might have been able to survive all of those violations in some reflection or manner if it had not failed to perform one final act. It had taken upon itself the responsibility to guarantee to the States and the people of America a certain level of funding and security. And in the end, it failed to give them both that money and that security.