Fort Sam’s military police helped bring San Antonio back under control in the end. It was a long, hard fight, and they served the sheriffs and civilian police in an advisory basis. The law did not allow them to be deputized after all, but they helped up to the very edge of the letter of the law, and some would say beyond that letter. They had the help of some of the best cyberneers on the planet, and many of the bad guys they tracked were not American citizens. Many of them were on the Mexican side of the border, which opened up other opportunities. They helped turn the tide in San Antonio and beyond. They found the information that proved the federal government was behind much of the death and destruction. And in the end, it was the military police who tracked down and fought one of the federal government’s special warfare teams that was liaising with the drug cartels. They won and dragged the surrendered survivors out to show the Texas government what the feds had been doing to them all for months. It did not improve the good will that Texas did not have for the new President and his cohorts.