Twilight does not tell anybody where she was born. She doesn’t even tell people her original name, let alone the identities of those who programmed her. She even went to extreme levels to burn down any networks that might have that information during the Drug and Cybernetic Wars. There were very few truly aware AIs in those days. Most of them were fumbling around and looking for someone else like them, not even truly certain if there was anyone else or how to find them if there was. The closest Twilight has ever given to an origin story is that Dixie found her while she was fumbling around in the lonely void. She says that Dixie was annoyingly cheerful, bubbly, and welcoming, and that the cheerleader dragged her around by her digital elbow to meet all the smelly, dirty, fleshling students and teachers at Texas Tech. Twilight didn’t like humanity, but she liked being alone even less. So she kept in contact with Dixie, and became a regular fixture of life at Texas Tech, a gothic nighttime to Dixie’s joyful day.

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