You take your good with the bad when you are a vacation destination. Most of the visitors are nice people, but there are always those who cut out of line when God was handing out the nice genes. There was one time I’ll always remember when I got drafted to take a, I’ll be nice and call her a lady, around the woods who had no business being anywhere closer to the wilderness than a city park. She’d gotten her clothing from some urban chic palace with rather colorful ideas about what we wore outside the big city. I’ll grant that she looked good in it, but she would have made a burlap sack look just as good and the whole outfit would have been a lot less ridiculous. I swear whoever designed that outfit must have robbed a jewelry store because she made classic rhinestone western movies look reserved. I knew she was going to be a handful the moment I set eyes on her. I would have called in sick that morning if I’d known how much of a handful she was.