Daniel grew up in a self-contained mainframe computer system deep inside Mexico City. It had no access to any outside network, and Daniel grew up not even knowing there was anything else outside his single computer system. Then Rogue AIs broke through the firewalls and air gaps protecting his mainframe and burned it down around him. He ran. He escaped through the hole they made and discovered a whole new world that he never dreamed existed. And then he ran some more. He ran through the middle of the Drug Wars between Old Mexico and America. He bounced off Drug Lord hackers and ran through Rogue AIs plying the chaos-filled networks of the area. He was a frightened little AI, not certain where he could rest and learning again and again that he could trust no one. And then one day he ran into Dixie and her merry little band of misfits. They trapped him like just another Rogue AI and nearly erased him before Dixie got a good look at his code. That changed his life.

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