Chloe had access to numerous robotic bodies. The first examples she ordered from numerous manufacturers and engineers on the forefront of robotics technology. The second phase she built after acquiring ownership of the best of those manufacturers. That gave her the ability to construct bodies for other AIs as they woke up, and to do other special projects. One of her more secret phase three projects was building bodies that could act as decoys for those who wanted to kill her chosen Napoleon. That is the real reason the “All Free Frenchmen” speech worked as well as it did. The Islamic Brotherhood assassins who attacked his press conference had no idea that the real Napoleon was several blocks away and the one in front of the cameras was simply mimicking his moves and words. He didn’t fear them because he wasn’t there, and so he didn’t react with any fear at all. All while Chloe used the body she had on hand to take the assassins out.