We’ve spent a year watching BLM and Antifa protest during the day, and then burn down neighborhoods at night. Minneapolis. Portland. Seattle. Atlanta. Washington DC. Kenosha. For month after month, we’ve watched the police ordered to stand down to let them occupy buildings or neighborhoods. Even government buildings have been attacked and sometimes burned down. Dozens of lives have been snuffed out, and in some cases we’ve even watched proud Antifa members pull the trigger on camera. Combined with the COVID, it’s been Hell on Earth in a lot of ways, and I really have not enjoyed watching it. But I have watched, because I knew that one day I would have to bear witness to what I have seen with my own eyes.

This week I watched an episode of NCIS Los Angeles and had to shake my head. In their world, even the suggestion that law enforcement officers would be at a peaceful protest was enough to anger one of the agents. The only violence came from police sent to break up their protests, or counter-protest right wing militia members. Police were bad guys kidnapping people in Portland, and the big bads were law enforcement officers who kidnapped, beat, and tortured poor, innocent minorities. Agents lamented the actions of their law enforcement partners and questioned their very membership in the profession. It was like watching Wandavision, only with less basis in reality. At least Wandavision is honest about the deception. NCISvision is broadcast with a straight face and expectation of belief. But I bear witness to what I have seen this last year, and I recognize the deception.