The F-12 Avenger was part of the Fleet 2300 Project to upgrade America’s starfighter capabilities for the coming century. The primary goal was to build Earth’s first hypercapable starfighter and thereby place America on a more even footing with the alien powers. America had only recently begun to miniaturize hyperspace system down to a scale that could work for fighters though, and the main hyperspace needle running down the length of the Avenger’s long nose assembly resulted in the largest starfighter ever built. The Avenger was in fact too large for the Navy to approve production and it would have been relegated to the status of a mere testbed platform had The War not come upon us all. The Cowboys became the first operational squadron to fly them, and the rest is history. They still fly them now, a statement to anyone who sees them that even the ugliest of ducklings can become swans if allowed to fly.

F-12 Avenger on Deviantart

F-12 Avengers on Deviantart