The Taro scout mech was part of the Army 2300 Project, designed to revolutionize America’s ground forces and ready them for the next century. It gave us a fighting chance when The War came upon us all. While one of the smallest mechs used in combat, it is fast, sports superior sensors and targeting equipment, and can jam or hack most enemy systems. It’s armor can blend into the environment, and limited flight capability allows it to clear small buildings and most terrain features. What many consider the most revolutionary aspect of the Taro though is the modular weapons mount that allows it to interface with weapons built by any of the great powers. This capability made the Taro a difficult mech to fight, as the enemy rarely new what exactly it was going to face even if it was lucky enough to detect an incoming Taro before it or distant artillery opened fire on their position.

Taro Scout Mech on Deviantart