I make a lot of enemies in my line of work. I don’t really mind much. It means I done something good. Some of those enemies try to kill me the next time they see me. There’s times when they fail. It’s never for lack of trying let me tell you, and sometimes it’s not by much. So you might say that Jessica and Susan have saved my buns more than once when things got a bit deep for me. And those who tried to finish the job tended to get a nasty surprise when they showed up. Now I got a couple things to say to all you people that failed to kill me. I am a real forgiving sort of guy, but Jessica and Susan tend to carry a grudge. And trying to kill one of their friends gets you bumped right up to the top of their grudge list. So get out of my galaxy before it’s too late. You won’t like the alternative.Get Out of My Galaxy - 500

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