Jasmine was different before she joined me. Drew was different. Jasmine was born for her. But she changed after Drew died. She still looks the same, but she changed her wardrobe. And her personality shifted a bit, too. She’d been one of the girls with Drew. She took on some tomboy aspects for me. And then the fitting in began. The third wheel trying not to squeak. Or to squeak just right. Betty shifted too. She became quieter, the one always there to preach caution and acceptance. Jasmine became more aggressive once she got comfortable, the person who dared me to do the crazy things I thought of. The fun seeker. The one that wanted to live life to the fullest and never forget any of it. She became that because Drew wanted her to live. She became that so she could stay with me. Sometimes I wonder what she’d be like if Drew had lived. I don’t think I’d recognize her. And as much as I wish Drew were still alive, I know I would miss the Jasmine I know. And that makes for some real complicated feelings, let me tell you.

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