It’s hard to wear white all the time. It gets dirty so easy. And no matter how careful you are, it will always show that you’ve been in a fight. Blood. Tears. Dirt. Scuffing. Everything shows when you wear white. And even the best smart fabric has a limited lifespan when it spends all its resources fixing up little stuff like that. I buy my outfits in bulk because I run through them, and that can get expensive. But it’s worth the cost. Because wearing white makes a statement to everyone who sees me. It says that I don’t like to get my hands dirty. I don’t like to fight. And every time I have to get into one, and come out looking like a dirty rag, it says something else. That I’m willing to pay the cost of fighting if I have to. I won’t hide it from anyone who can see. I’m willing to live with the consequences.