We’re all brothers. Sorta. It gets complicated pretty quick when you start getting into the cloning process. But the simplest way to say it is that we all have the same memories of our earlier lives, but we have different memories and motivations for living now. First there’s me. I’m the closest to the original Jack. Then there’s the singer and the circus conductor. They’re the most…outgoing of my brothers. The teacher and the bartender are a lot quieter and gentler. I keep seeing things I really need to do, but I need to go because I have something else to do. So sometimes I make a new clone just to do that other thing. He’s the best part of me when it comes to doing whatever it is, born needing to do it as much as I. And that’s what allows me to walk away in peace and not regret the paths I’ve not personally traveled. Because one of me has done it, and I can live vicariously through that Jack every time we get together.