The Chinese conquered most of East Asia in the mid-Twenty First Century, which resulted in a large number of refugees. The greatest number traveled to India, Australia, and America, where they built new homes and formed new communities. Some of them were athletes who were happy to compete under the flag of their new homes. Many wished to compete under the flags and anthems of their old homes though, and China would not allow that unless they returned to their conquered homes with their families. The Olympics had long practiced the act of only allowing athletes to represent official government organizations that were in good standing, while allowing those not representing such organizations the Olympic flag to compete under. Or forcing the Olympic flag on them as many Russian athletes had charged over the years. But the new paradigm forced the International Olympic Committee to finally agreed to allow athletes to choose what flag and anthem they would compete under. Subject to the unanimous veto of the committee of course. Athletes quickly chose to represent Free Tibet, Free Taiwan, New Japan, and numerous other nations swept aside by the march of history, as expected. But other athletes chose less expected organizations to represent.