The Kitsune Lasertag League was a big part of Kitsune culture before The War. I always figured they picked the name because they really just wanted to say KiLL on the national networks. I watched some of their matches back in the day. It was fun seeing them collect the tails of their vanquished foes and waving them high for the crowds to cheer for. That all changed after The War came for us, of course. Many of their best joined the military, and a few of the teams even stayed together. I ran into some of them from time to time during the Hyades Campaign, tails and all. One time really stands out, though. Standard infiltration op went sideways all the way and I was stuck behind enemy lines with no way to exfiltrate. Team Inyusha happened to be on planet, saw it all go down, and saved my bacon. I still can’t say how we got out. Literally. Can not say, even here. Seriously top secret squirrel kinda stuff. They violated secrecy orders just talking to me because I was not cleared to even know they were there. That was one of the more interesting days of my life, let me tell you. I still owe them a few dozen favors for getting me out with all my pieces intact. Mostly.