So what did most people do when the Second Great Depression began? Most of those I’ve talked to didn’t notice it. Not for months, anyway. The networks chattered about it, but they chattered about a lot of fake news and most people had long since stopped taking them seriously. A few people I know did take it seriously. They saw the writing on the wall and if they weren’t already in a safe place, they got to one. That generally meant some family farm at least a hundred kilometers from the nearest major city. Some tried bunkering up a bit closer, but they didn’t have as much luck in the long run. The ones that survived the best made friends with their neighbors, and joined the local PTA, American Legion, or VFA. They took their kids Scouting or to the local 4H. They attended the county fairs and jacked their jaws at the local bars on Friday nights. They were an established and recognized part of the local community when things went downhill.