When the Dixie and Twilight series started, it was only the Drug Wars and the Islamic Jihad that people knew about. It took Americans years to understand that the Cybernetic Wars were really waging in the background. Most people just didn’t see some electronic viruses as being a true threat. It was other people who threatened civilization. The Drug Lords. The Islamic Brotherhoods. Russian and Chinese expansionism. It was through characters like Twilight and Solo that we began to realize there was something worse out there. Something that didn’t care about the same things we cared about. Something that didn’t care if we all died. Something that might just want all of us dead. That was just a staple of bad science fiction movies you know. But people like Dixie and Twilight knew exactly how dangerous things were, and they told us through the network series they created. It was one sly statement and side story at a time, until they managed to make it the whole story. The real story they wanted us to know. The Rogue AIs wanted us dead, or at least out of their way, but we had friends who wanted to save us.