The Islamic Jihad had been going on for years before the Drug Wars caught American attention. Not that most Americans had been paying attention to begin with. Jakarta and Paris were distant cities and most Americans did not care what happened there. And it was not politically correct to report on the Islamic Brotherhoods burning British colleges. Then the Second Great Depression and the Drug Wars highlighted other priorities, and even fewer people cared what happened across the oceans. Even Chicago Burning stories faded away once the media found out the firestarter’s last name was Mohammed, not Smith. And any news that Islamic Brotherhood operatives were behind the attacks on the Russian and Chinese laboratories that allowed the Rogue AIs to escape was buried at the time. The rise of the Islamic State of Detroit was welcomed as a glorious and forward undertaking. It took proof that many Rogue AIs actively worked with the Islamic Brotherhoods, and Detroit specifically, to change any of the news coverage.