The news media did not wish to report on the Islamic Jihad. It was politically incorrect and culturally insensitive, so they buried every story they could. That is why Twilight, Dixie, and their friends leaked so much information during the Cybernetic Wars. They were the first to report that Solo and other Rogue AIs worked for the Islamic State of Detroit. They pinned the Los Angeles Black Out on Detroit’s agents. And they leaked the photos of the mass graves in Africa and the Middle East after the Islamic Brotherhoods were rolled back. And they were there in living color when it finally came time to liberate Detroit. They fought in the physical and digital streets of that fallen city when the end came, and all of America finally saw the depths of the tragedy inflicted on it by the occupiers. But even then it was hard for the Americans to truly believe that the Islamic Brotherhoods could have done so much to their fellow humans. That is why most media outlets fell on the Rogue AIs as the cause of it all. That is how America woke up to the Cybernetic Wars and the inhuman threat of the Rogue AIs. We did not wish to believe that humans could be so evil, so we blamed the Rogue AIs and we hunted them down without mercy. It was not entirely fair, but it did unite us. And that is one reason so very few Rogue AIs survived the Cybernetic Wars.