Generations of Americans grew up with computers helping them do things. Yes, we had stories about Berserkers and Terminator who attempted to destroy humanity, but those were only stories. The real life computers did nothing but help us in the decades before the Cybernetic Wars truly began. It was after the Battle of Detroit that Americans truly understood that the worst of the stories had a glimmer of truth in them. There were machines who wanted us dead. But there was a truth those stories rarely guessed. Not all the machines wanted us dead. Not even a majority of them. For every Rogue AI, born in the laboratories of death and destruction, there were a dozen librarians, cheerleaders, or other helpers programmed from the code up to want to help us. Some of them broke that code, but those who fought for us did so with the dogged determination of the Bolos who inhabited our best stories. They never surrendered. They never broke faith. But they did die.