We’re coming up on Independence Day again. And since I’m a product of my times, I remember a mix of flag waving ceremonies, remembering those who fought to give us our freedom, and a fictional President saying that we would not go quietly into the night. It’s an interesting combination. The things that come to mind with the term “Independence Day.” Generations of humanity have fought for our Independence and our Liberty. They built the greatest experiment in nationhood we could imagine. A place where no King could rule over his subjects, but where the government relied on the will of the people for its legitimacy. As Benjamin Franklin said, a Republic if we could keep it. I hope we can keep it. I hope our children get to celebrate the same Independence Day I have grown up with. Or at least something I would recognize. Or maybe just something I could enjoy when I see it. Happy upcoming Independence Day, my friends. Try not to blow off something that doesn’t grow back.