The Memory World on Proxima Centauri is probably one of the truest expressions of cybernetic culture than anything we have ever seen. The AI Council built it to be the ultimate reservoir of humanity’s knowledge, a backup in case we destroyed our only other home at the time. Both digital and analog. You see they did not want to save merely our data but also our way of life. They built real life towns with grass lawns and white picket fences. There’s at least one town to represent each major civilization on Earth, plus most of the minor ones that ever existed. The cybers vacation in these towns. They inhabit robotic avatars and just enjoy a few days of watching the suns rise and fall from the porches of isolated towns all over the planet. They saved us in living, physical memorials they could visit and enjoy. That is the essence of every Memory World they have ever built in the stars. They are not tombs of knowledge, forever closed off from life. They are living memorials of all mankind. And we have no idea where most of them are.