Imagine an America where the Federal government required that all election polls check a State-issued photo ID before allowing a citizen to vote. Assume a basic State-issued photo ID is free so we aren’t talking about a Poll Tax here. Only citizens with IDS could vote. We currently need photo IDs to buy alcohol, cigarettes, open bank accounts, get loans, drive vehicles, and basically do much of the other stuff covered under the category of living. We all carry them with us wherever we go. As someone I know once said, “Using it to show you’re the voter you claim to be is a nothing burger unless you’re not the voter you claim to be.” How would the Federal government work differently if we did that? And could the Federal government refuse to accept results from States that refused to verify the votes? How would that affect representation in the Federal government? Would you like to see voter ID verification or not? And what does either answer say about you and America?