Knights Errant Investigations has always operated in multiple environments. Sea, land, and air back in the old days. They added space about as early on as they could afford to build or buy them. They preferred single-man spacecraft that befitted their ideal of lone Knights Errant on missions of justice, and helped develop long-range small craft in the Solar System. Many of the sporting yachts the rich play with now descend directly from those early craft. Contact gave them access to a whole new level of toys to play with, including the F-1 Starfighter. Now the Starfighter was America’s first gravtech fighter, a single-engine dagger-shaped little affair that people absolutely loved. But the four-engine Blackhawk soon replaced it, leaving K.E.I. with the option of snapping up Starfighters in public surplus auctions. The Knights Errant loved them so much that K.E.I. signed a long-term contract with the manufacturer. And that’s how the Starfighter got a new lease on life and the Knights Errant got a new signature one-man spacecraft.