The Albion were not a physically imposing branch of humanity. They were small of stature, and would rank low on most tests of aggression we know how to run. What they had was supremely capable minds and a curiosity to match. And they knew that there were those who wished to stop them from pursuing their quest for knowledge. That is why they created the Peloran to protect them. Intimidating warriors strong enough to rip arms out of sockets and beat people to do death with them. But calm and controlled enough to kill swiftly, cleanly, and as painlessly as possible. Smart enough to fly starships, and canny enough to engage in non-standard tactics in any environment. One specialized version of the Peloran is what we call the Spaceborn Peloran. Their purple skin is an adaptation of their ability to operate in extreme cold and vacuum without protective gear. Their eyes are another example of their design features. Though appearing to entirely lack pupils or irises, they can detect frequencies far beyond the visual spectrum of other humans, making them superior at detecting and dealing with threats that could otherwise escape notice.