There’s this common story idea for Forestborn Peloran. You see it in a lot of shows that come out of Hollywood. The fair Peloran maid basking in the sun on the forest floor with nothing but her green skin showing. An attractive young man walking through the forest and “accidentally” walking up on her. I’ll admit I may have fantasized about that as a teenager, but the truth is far less exotic. For one, not a lot of sunlight gets through a forest canopy. They’d starve. For another, they’d hear the young punk coming and cover up before he got in sight. And for the finale, clothing is wearable art that they love walking around in as much as the rest of us. So if you’re cosplaying Forestborn at a convention, don’t show up looking like an Orion slave girl and say you’re authentic. That’s science fiction. This is real life. And Forestborn are not Orions with pointy ears.