The Forestbord Peloran were one of the Albion’s more ambitious gengineering projects. They wished to have all of the physical advantages of the Peloran supersoldiers with the ability to stay in the field for extended periods of time even when resupply was impossible. The Peloran’s greatest weakness is their metabolism, you see. It takes a great amount of energy to run a body capable of everything the Peloran can do, and that translates into vast amounts of food and energy supplements. Sit next to a Peloran recovering from a major wound and you will see them shovel food into their mouths as quickly as they can and never grow satisfied. They needed soldiers who could get their energy from another source. They chose to splice plant DNA into the Peloran codex, including the chlorophyll aspects. That made them capable of gaining energy from the very suns that power every living planet’s biosphere. And that is where the green color of their skin comes in.