American Samoa hosted one of the New Hong Kong Contingency’s fallback plans, and though they never exercised the full options on the contracts they signed through numerous blind trusts and other deniable third parties, their legacy remains in the various warehouses and small harbors scattered throughout the Samoan islands. The tribal chiefs charge only minimal docking fees in their scattered harbors, while the preexisting Pago Pago Harbor is actually completely duty free, making it a major transshipment point for cargos going to and coming from the various orbital elevators over the Pacific Ocean. The locals are constantly waging a low conflict between business and religious interests as businesses continue to want to expand into areas of religious importance. Keeping their holy sites unspoiled has been a centuries’ long campaign in the Samoan islands, and they have not always won it. Though the Samoan Islands have maintained a far better balance than most islands closer to New Hong Kong and its business interests, which makes them one of the more pleasant places to live in the Pacifica.