The Socialist Republic of Juneau’s new Social Credit system was a profound change to the way of life in Juneau. With no more need to work for a living thanks to fabricators and robotic labor, Juneau built their new system to promote social awareness and responsibility in the growing worlds. Acting and speaking well for themselves and Juneau improved Social Credit and gave them access to more prestigious rewards in life. Outside observers noted that this was little different than the old Life Debt system, but the government of Juneau was quick to say that such was not so. The old system was based on the needs of the people and the debt that engendered. But fabricators changed everything. Material needs no longer existed. The only challenge left was to improve themselves and society. All they asked now was that the people treat each other well, and those who did it best would be rewarded with the best in life. Juneau was happy to give them access to the far better society of tomorrow, where hunger and want was a thing of the past, that today’s technologies made possible.