The three neighboring cities of El Paso, Juarez, and Las Cruces had long been home to major issues due to the borders dividing them. They had seen a bizarre range of local governments in the last century, from those purchased or terrorized by the drug cartels to do whatever they wanted, to those elected on law and order campaigns and promising to deal with the Drug Lords once and for all. They never managed to succeed. The Second Great Depression and the Drug Wars forced those cities to make a stand, and it was not an easy one. They had powerful police departments and full support from the Texas Rangers, even if they technically had not jurisdiction, but the Drug Lords had many insiders and a total willingness to kill people who stood against them. It would be too strong to say that they fell into civil war. They did not fall, for instance. But gang and drug cartel warfare became far more common in all three cities, and peace officers throughout the region went to war with them.