Incoming Texas Governor, and former American President (Impeached), Lopez moved his transition team to Fort Hood as Austin’s police collapsed under the assault of gangs fighting for turf, drug cartels fighting for market share, and racial mobs burning down one neighborhood after another. The outgoing government would soon follow his lead as the violence spread to most other major Texas cities by the end of the year. The official transition of power, when it finally happened, was a short ceremony, with little pomp and circumstance, performed on one of Fort Hood’s practice yards. Many blamed the outgoing Governor for the violence spreading throughout the State, though Texas would later obtain proof that it was federal agents spawning much of the chaos. Incoming Governor Lopez had suspicions on the matter and did nothing to suggest he blamed the outgoing Governor, but did promise to do everything he could to quell the violence. He started by authorizing the forces at Fort Hood to help deal with the drug cartel problem. The Army could not act as law enforcement inside America due to the Posse Comitatus Act, but it just so happened that Mexico was outside the American borders at the time.