The deal was simple. Stay home for two weeks to flatten the curve of the Wuhan Virus so the hospitals would not be overloaded. That has been achieved.

And yet time has gone on. Two months now, though some States are opening back up. That is considerably longer than the two weeks the American public agreed to. And some States are seeking to further alter the deal, with conditions like a vaccine or zero deaths or things like that, because some of them don’t think it is a deal at all. Some believe that they can simply order Americans to stay home, and they will give up their businesses and homes without seeking redress. That they can release criminals from their jails and jail common people who have broken no law and expect all to respect their authority. But the more tightly they grasp their citizens, the more will slip through their fingers and refuse to comply.

Respect the deal we made. We can walk and chew bubblegum at the same time. We can stay back, keep clean, and open up at the same time. Though there are other options when bubblegum is involved. Especially if we run out of it due to a horrible supply chain brought down by these government shutdowns.