One must never underestimate the Fort Sam Houston military police. Their hulking commander was far smarter than he looked, and he had forged his men and women into a smart and calculating team well suited to dealing with the rather rambunctious servicemen who filled Fort Sam. They trained every day, whether standard exercises, or unarmed combat training, target ranges, the physical close combat courses, and the virtual training aids on a rotating daily basis. He believed that his people needed to be harder, faster, and better than the servicemen they would need to arrest when they did bad things, and he trained his people to be exactly that. To be sure, not all of the military police on Fort Sam met his rigorous requirements. They received less strenuous duties. But he threw his best and brightest against the most dangerous people he needed to bring in. That is why they were ready to act when they found the federal special warfare team liaising with the drug cartels.