The Fort Sam Houston military police had a number of extremely bright and capable investigators and soldiers in their ranks. They sought to find out where the reinvigorated drug cartels were getting their supplies and intelligence from, and tracked it down to an American federal special warfare team liaising with them. They also learned who the leader of the team was, which was where the head of Fort Sam’s military police came in. He had gone through basic training together with the leader of the team, and used his knowledge of the man to plan their attack. The military police stormed the safe house at High Noon, when most of the team was asleep, and their massive leader subdued his opposite number less than a minute later. It took little time to convince the man to order his people to surrender rather than fight to the last man. Which is why there were survivors to show to the Texas government. That is how Texas learned the entirety of the team’s mission. That is why they knew where to look for other similar missions they believed the new President may have sent against other States. That proved to be important in the years that followed.