Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base housed numerous Army, Air Force, and Marine units, as well as a contingent of the Texas State Guard, when the Second Great Depression arrived. They ranged from normal troops, military police, artillery, cybernetic warfare, drone recon, and fighter and transport aircraft. The venerable C-130s and F-16s were the most numerous manned aircraft on base, but the Marine Corps Cowboys flew the newer F-35s. The joint base trained all of their units to work together, making them one of the best-integrated forces in Texas, even if their training levels were lower than line units. They were a reserve base, their troops spending most of their lives working for a living and only getting together for training and refreshing one weekend a month. But that was enough for them to know each other well, so when Texas decided to move against the Mexican drug cartels, Fort Worth JRB was able to send a combined force that could fight on any battlefield they expected to face.