A few years ago, family introduced me to Dot’s homestyle pretzels. Now I don’t like pretzels, and was quick to say that. They smiled and told me to try it. I fell in love that moment, and have generally kept some of them with me ever since. Almost always when I travel. They are that good. They recently came out with a new Southwest version, and as a lover of Mexican food, I was eager to try it. Hated it. So I resigned myself to the normal pretzels and went on with life. Until this weekend when I found out they now make some cheese crisp thing. I bought it, opened it, and thought they looked an awful lot like Cheetos. Then I ate them and agreed. A lot like Cheetos. Only better. And I like Cheetos. So now I have a new snack to look out for. So much exactly what my doctor wants for me. 😉