So, Cancer can be a pain in the backside. No, Mom is not doing badly. Her bloodwork is still shining bright in fact, as the drugs do their targeted best to kill the cancer in both her blood and her bone marrow. But it is a tiring time for all. Mom has been getting really bad migraines after each treatment. They don’t last long, with a good long sleep being enough to make them go away, but she is more tired than usual and does tend to take a lot more naps right now. Of course that is the body seeking to heal itself. Still, the last three days have been long and hard. Another treatment, followed by several blood draws in the days since to make certain her blood is going crazy. As noted, everything is clean and working well. But these doctors are ready for anything. It is the nature of taking a drug that is still in trials. They know it works, but they also know that some people don’t react well. So far, Mom has been reacting well. I hope that continues.