It should be noted that the Georgian Navy turned out to be amazingly effective against both Earthborn and Alien opponents. Most Western Alliance warship required heavy Peloran upgrades before they could stand toe-to-toe against Shang or Roderan warships in equal numbers, but the Georgians spent most of their time hiding in the deep black. They did become far more dangerous after the Peloran upgraded their torpedoes, but that was a minor refit at most. They may also have upgraded the electronic warfare systems, almost certainly provided improved hyperdrives, and surely boosted the effectiveness of the deflection grids, though the Georgians never confirmed those rumors. Official Georgian reports are that all War upgrades were produced inside Georgia or her various colonies, and that their survivability against the Alien threats was due more to superior tactical and strategic doctrine than anything else. Though they do credit the Peloran torpedoes with increasing their lethality. They absolutely celebrate that as a successful melding of Georgian and Peloran capabilities.