I should note that the Georgian Navy and the Cowboys often worked with each other throughout The War and beyond. Both organizations practiced asymmetrical warfare, especially during the Hyades Campaign, and Georgian boats softened up many planetary defense grids before the Cowboys moved in to secure the way for invasion forces. That cooperation continued in the decades that followed, with Cowboys often operating off Georgian boats or bases. The Georgian Navy also participated in numerous Cowboy interventions over the decades, most often against raider bases that had escaped the attention of the larger Western navies. Georgian torpedoes have often heralded the start of such an action by sweeping in from the dark without warning to shatter the orbital defense grids. The Georgian Navy may be a squirrelly lot by the standards of other navies, but the Cowboys found them to be valuable allies, and perhaps even kindred spirits when patrolling the dark of space against those who would unravel civilization if given the chance.