I’ve been a member of both MeWe and Parler since well before Google, Apple, and Amazon cooperated to drive Parler from the Internet. No, I’ve never been part of Gab, and though I do have a Twitter handle, I can’t communicate in so few characters so don’t use it. I’m looking for other ways to spread the signal as other social media platforms become less reliable. Parler is significantly quieter than it was before the great takedown, but I’m giving it a chance to recover to old activity levels. MeWe continues as it always did. Lively, sometimes good, sometimes bad, and sometimes a bit crass. I post at mewe dot com/i/medronpryde and at parler dot com/user/Medron and invite any of you to follow me there if you wish. I like friending people and actually being able to see their posts, doncha know?