Kenichi Banno still paints his fighter in bright pink or yellow to this day, and he loves emblazoning various cute and cuddly characters where all can see them. Though the smart paint shifts to more suitable patterns if he is forced into a fight. The various tools he uses are similarly designed to look like anything but a weapon. His suits are… loud and proud. He’s gone through every pastel shade over the years. He’s done bell-bottoms and Miami Vice jackets. You name it. If it’s loud, and gets attention, he’s tried it. He wants everybody to see him coming so no one thinks he’s trying to sneak up on them. He walks up and tries to get people to agree to be peaceful. He doesn’t want to fight them. Anyone with a brain wouldn’t want to fight him. But in the end, there are always people who choose poorly, and Ken will deal with them if they give him no other choice.