I didn’t meet Drew again until after War’s End. She showed up with a fleet and totally blew my mind. Blew my mind in a good way, by the way. I was… overjoyed to have her back, and she was happy to collect the winnings on her bets. She correctly wagered what my response would be upon seeing her, you see. Though she would say it was no gamble on her part, because she had some inside knowledge on what made me tick. Jasmine was telling tales about me. So I have sworn to tell tales about Drew. Drew made the difference out there. Well, they all did technically, but I’ll spend my life emphasizing her contribution. Even as I know she wishes I wouldn’t. What can I say? I like watching her blush when I tell the tales of her heroism. Especially since she really did make a great deal of difference out there. Every good tale must have a kernel of truth after all.