Louis Mattioli took the Peloran Treatments when he was young like most people. They didn’t do much for him. Oh, they fortified his immune system, and he got a really long lifespan out of it, but he didn’t get any of the really shiny side effects. H grew up as a normal Martian, with his greatest claim to fame being that he was a very successful lawyer. He made a lot of money, but there was enough humanity still in him that he decided to volunteer after the Shang attacked us. Without the Ageless reflexes he couldn’t fly in any front line formation, but he ended up in the reserves out at Alpha Centauri. That is when he ran into Charles. His Family had been working on supersoldier serums of their own for a rather long time, and one of them actually worked with the Peloran Treatments. Usually. Mostly. Louis took it and never looked back.