I just saw the new Top Gun. It is good. I enjoyed it. It hit all the right nostalgia points while also being a new and good story. And it gives enough back story for how he could still be a captain in the navy without having been kicked out or up yet for me. It’s still crazy, but I’ll buy it for the story. One thing that hit me was a conversation between Iceman and Maverick. It was at a hard part of the movie, and Iceman told Maverick “It’s time to let go.” And Maverick said, in a moment of atypical total honesty that nails the character so well, “I don’t know how.” God, I feel that so much right now. I’ve had people leave. I’ve watched people move away. I’ve even cut people off. But I’ve never really just let go. And I don’t know how to do it. And that makes everything so hard. Top Gun is a good movie. It’s a fun movie. If you had any like for the original Top Gun at all, I think you will love this movie. Go and see it. I give it two aces, without reservation.