As I said yesterday, I’ve been going through some tests lately. I’m tired and worn out, sore muscles, my left shoulder was basically nonfunctional for a while, and a lot of other stuff has been going on. Now obviously, I’ve been through a lot of stress lately, both mental and physical, so that could easily be the source of the issues, but the Mayo Clinic has been investigating. One test was a full skin examination due to my family’s history with skin cancer and my age, which is approaching the big five oh. Then I got a full photographing session called a mole study, because I have a lot of those as well. Now the Clinic took a couple chunks out of my skin during the original examination to test because they looked hinky. Well, I just got the results and they are benign. That’s a pretty awesome message to get, let me tell you. That’s one worry I get to give the Oreo treatment. Hold it under the milk and smile until the bubbles stop. 😉