Louis Mattioli was well on his way to cementing his reputation as a regular folk hero of the legal profession when the incident at the Alpha Centauri Supreme Court exploded over the news. The fact that he killed the gunmen before they could kill any of the spectators just added to his legend. Yes, many were injured and went to the hospital, but Louis reacted faster than any of the court police, and kept the bloodshed to a minimum. Not counting the gunmen of course. Those he left bleeding and dead on the courthouse steps for everyone to see. He went to the hospital after arguing his case, where they removed the bullets stuck in him, and walked back out with his bloody and scuffed up suit to wave at the media. Now his smart suit could have easily cleaned itself and filled the bullet holes, but the show must go on. And Louis has always been an amazing showman. Once again, the public loved it and his folk hero status went into the stratosphere.