I am planning three remembrances for mom in the coming weeks. On July the 2nd, for family and friends in Rochester, we are getting together at the hotel I work at. TownePlace Suites Rochester. The one on 43rd Street NW, not Second St. I’m looking at a start time of 2PM and going until people feel like leaving. We have rooms available right now if you want to stay the night. There is a VFW next door if food is wanted. I could also cater something in if wished. Still planning all this out. Then we are planning on a service open to all on July the 16th at Maine Presbyterian Church in Maine Township in Northern Minnesota, followed by a burial across the road at Silent Vale Cemetery. It’s where our family is generally buried, and our plot is four rows from where her parents rest. Soon she will join them. The third remembrance to fulfill one of her last requests will probably be a much smaller affair, on or around the 16th.