An angel’s face with a devil’s sense of humor. That is certainly one way to describe Dawn DeMarco. She was the immaculate, bodysculpted noble daughter of a distant world from the tip of her perfect nose to her very flexible toes. That’s where the angel comes in. She used those looks to hide a deadly skill with the spoken word, or a knife. She could twist either into a target with exquisite skill, and step away leaving confusion in her wake. Her targets rarely realized she was even the one who struck, and often found themselves laughing at the absurdity of their situation with her. She could make a crowd laugh at anything or anyone, without offending any of them, including the primary target. That allowed her to step in and out of a situation with a dancer’s skill that rarely left her holding the bag when the cat got out. And going out on the town with her was always a devil of a good time.